What is Meditation?

Yoga is Meditation. And Meditation is Yoga. The second teaching of yoga from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras tells us the definition of Yoga as the 'stilling of consciousness', 'the stilling of the turning of the mind'.  

And meditation is the active work we do to be in a state of union or yoga. Meditation is the direction of your awareness to your thinking mind, the observation of your thoughts in an active and alert way. With this practice, we come to understand that we are not our thoughts and that we are something much deeper, much bigger, much greater than any thought, any reaction, any habitual patterning of consciousness.  

As we tease out this space between our thoughts and our selves, we move into the space of meditation where we experience a sense of being without doing, a sense of stillness within and unshakeable peace. This peaceful state of equanimity can be expanded through practice so it becomes a larger and more natural part of your presence.  

The health benefits of meditation are being backed up by science more and more each day -- reduced stress, lower blood pressure and improved heart health to name just a few. There is no way to get it wrong but you have to start somewhere. Just join me at my meditation studio, Soulspace Meditation

I founded Soulspace Meditation in 2018 so that students would have a place focused solely on meditation and wellbeing where they can go to experience and practice meditation with skilled teachers as guides.

Meditation is the antidote to the stress of modern day living. Everyone can meditate, especially with guidance, sacred space and a supportive community behind them.

With 30+ classes per week, Soulspace Meditation offers students the daily opportunity to unplug, reset and renew for optimal health and peace of mind.

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