Weekly Classes

YOGA: 9:30-10:30am – WARM VINYASA: all levels welcome, modifications offered
Universal Power Yoga, Norwood

MEDITATION: 10:45-11:15am – GUIDED MEDITATION with period of seated silence
Universal Power Yoga, Norwood

MEDITATION: 12:00 noon (20 minute class)
Soulspace Meditation, Canton

MEDITATION: 12:30pm (30 minute class)
Soulspace Meditation, Canton

Universal Power Yoga, Wrentham

YOGA 7:30-8:45pm – 75 min HOT VINYASA: all levels welcome, modifications offered
Universal Power Yoga, Norwood

MEDITATION w/ Sound Bowls ‘VIBES’: 12:30 noon (30 minute class)
Soulspace Meditation, Canton

MEDITATION w/Mantra 1:00pm (30 minute class)
Soulspace Meditation, Canton

MEDITATION w/Body Scan ‘CHILL’  6:00pm (45 minute class)
Soulspace Meditation, Canton

MEDITATION Beginner’s Mind 9:15am (45 minute class)
Soulspace Meditation, Canton

YOGA 11-12:15pm – 75 min SACRED SWEAT HOT VINYASA: all levels welcome. Sutra inspired flow with yoga philosophy in a joyful, physical asana class.
Universal Power Yoga, Norwood

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Upon receipt of payment, Sue will contact you to discuss your needs and intentions and to set up a mutually convenient time and location for your class or private consult. Each session is one hour for up to two people. 

Single Session Yoga* (one hour)
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Special Workshops



Cultivating the Heart Qualities

Together we will explore what yoga calls the 4 immeasurable qualities of the heart. A vinyasa yoga workshop to connect to the heart of your yoga practice. A heart opening experience with yoga, meditation, dharma talk, and taste of honey.

At Universal Power Yoga | February 10, 7-9pm

A vinyasa-metta flow to connect to the heart of your yoga practice. Join me to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be in a state of yoga and the nature of what yoga calls the 4 Immeasurable Qualities of the Heart. Learn how to bring loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity into your practice and your life. Journey through a vigorous, light-hearted yoga practice that will include heart-opening postures, a short talk on the yoga philosophy behind these teachings, a meditation offering to yourself and others plus a taste of honey after class for a whole-hearted sweet experience that cultivate new expansive qualities in your yoga practice.

Open to all levels!

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intro to meditation

Join yoga & meditation teacher Sue Bonanno for this introductory workshop to take the mystery out of meditation and give you a basic, accessible introduction to a seated meditation practice. You will learn about the active alert practice of meditation, how to deal with distractions and ‘monkey mind’ and what it means to find your seat – all in a relatable and friendly class environment. The class will include a guided meditation.

At Universal Power Yoga | Sunday March 12  

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Ayurvedic Lifestyle: Perfect Health 5 Class Summer Series

Ayurveda is the 5,000 year old healing system from India. Ayurveda means wisdom of life from the Sanskrit words ‘ayus’ meaning life, and ‘veda’ meaning wisdom. The basic premise of Ayurveda is that health is a state of vibrant balance in which the layers of one’s life are integrated and in tune with nature. Ayurvedic lifestyle leads us to ‘svastha’ translated as wellbeing or perfect health. The practices of Ayurveda teach us how to understand when imbalances occur and provide tangible practices to bring us back balanced health. Within Ayurveda the practices include yoga, meditation, nutrition, herbs, aromas, bodywork, sound, detoxifying practices, daily routines, along with emotional and energetic balancing.

Sue Bonanno, certified yoga & meditation teacher will bring you through a 5 class series based upon her course of study in Ayurvedic lifestyle at the Deepak Chopra Center in California as well as her own personal 18 year yoga practice, extensive personal practice of meditation, and her experience integrating Ayurvedic medicine into her own life. This 5 class process will sequentially lead you through the theory and practical application of mind-body healing and Ayurveda. In the class series you will learn your own mind-body constitution(dosha), practice mindfulness meditation, identify daily Ayurvedic routines that serve your individual nature, understand the basics of Ayurvedic herbs and nutrition, experience gentle energy-opening yoga postures, and energy balancing with sound and aroma – all with the intention of knowing yourself and taking charge of your wellbeing. A combination of lecture, discussion, meditation and experiential components comprise each class. Dates TBD.

  1. MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS OF LIFE: body, mind, soul, the 5 elements and 3 body-mind principles (doshas)

  2. FOOD AS MEDICINE: nourishment for body, mind, soul

  3. PERPETUAL RENEWAL: detoxification, purification, rejuvenation

  4. FREEDOM: self-knowledge, the body’s 7 biological responses, conscious living

  5. GATEWAYS TO THE INNER PHARMACY: metabolizing sensory experience

If you have to miss a session, you can make it up next time we run this series. (Note: NO class August 11)
Investment $250

At Universal Power Yoga | Thursdays 6:00-8:30pm (makeups available next session!)






At Gilette Stadium | April  30, 2017

Through the gift of yoga, Yoga Reaches Out focuses on raising funds for organizations that impact the health, education, and well-being of children. Join me on the Jacqui Bonwell/UPY team or support my fundraising for Boston Children's Hospital with a donation in any amount. 

You can make a donatinon here.


Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.
— J. Stanford