Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of health and longevity. It is a sister science to yoga and meditation.  It is also called the science of truth as it is expressed in life.  Ayurveda gifts us with practices of diet, exercise and lifestyle based on our individual constitution. These practices shape our daily routine, diet, digestion, physical hygiene and mental hygiene. Based on the principle of balance, Ayurveda helps us return to homeostasis, wholeness and optimal functioning.  By looking at the individual as a whole, Ayurveda provides tangible practices on a path to vitality and joy.  As embodied beings, I believe it is our birthright to life healthfully, mindfully and energetically in our bodies -- to enjoy this great journey of life that we are on. I use Ayurveda to live fully into this great life experience and I am passionate about sharing these age-old, time-tested practices.

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EQUINOX DETOX – 4 Day Ayurvedic detox

Twice a year in Fall & Spring, Sue offers an Ayurvedic detox cleanse program.  The program detoxes both mind and body, leading to more vibrant health and balance.

The program launches with a meeting and meditation where you receive all your materials.  Sue guides participants through the process as they follow the diet, herb regimens at home with a custom checklist.  It includes Ayurvedic Kitchari, Ayurvedic herbs, organic ghee and body oil along with meditation and yoga classes. Participants have access to a private facebook page for support, sharing and ongoing Q&A for the entire 4-day period.

Benefits of the physical & mental
• Detoxifies and nourishes your lymphatic system
• Resets your gut and digestive system
• Shifts you to a nonfat, whole foods diet (no alcohol, no caffeine, no added sugars)
• Removes fat-soluble toxins such as preservatives and pesticides
• Meditation clears out clutter in the mind, eases anxiety, lifts mood, improves focus and increases inner calm
• Yoga supports healthy movement, circulation, lymph detox and digestive function

Contact Sue (sue@soulspacemeditation.com) to set up an Equinox Detox at the change of seasons or any time of year for your yoga studio, or a private group of 10 or more.


Sue Bonanno, certified yoga & meditation teacher will bring you through a 5 class series based upon her course of study in Ayurvedic lifestyle at the Deepak Chopra Center in California as well as her own personal 20 year yoga practice, extensive personal practice of meditation, and her experience integrating Ayurvedic medicine into her own life. This 5 class process will sequentially lead you through the theory and practical application of mind-body healing and Ayurveda. In the class series you will learn your own mind-body constitution(dosha), practice mindfulness meditation, identify daily Ayurvedic routines that serve your individual nature, understand the basics of Ayurvedic herbs and nutrition, experience gentle energy-opening yoga postures, and energy balancing with sound and aroma – all with the intention of knowing yourself and taking charge of your wellbeing. A combination of lecture, discussion, light movement, meditation and experiential components comprise each class. Sue is available to bring this 5-class series to yoga studios, offices, wellness.

  1. MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS OF LIFE: body, mind, soul, the 5 elements and 3 body-mind principles (doshas)

  2. FOOD AS MEDICINE: nourishment for body, mind, soul

  3. PERPETUAL RENEWAL: detoxification, purification, rejuvenation

  4. FREEDOM: self-knowledge, the body’s 7 biological responses, conscious living

  5. GATEWAYS TO THE INNER PHARMACY: metabolizing sensory experience

$250 per participant.

Group rates available for 10+ participants. Contact Sue Sue (sue@soulspacemeditation.com) to set up a program series.